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Happy Thursday!

Hey Everyone!!! Hope you all are enjoying your Thursday! Sooo my daughter has a love for photos and photo albums. I mean she just absolutely loves sitting and looking through them all day. She’ll even ask me from time to time or my mom to buy her a new “feather album” (because she can’t say ‘photo‘ for some reason Hahaha). Once she gets her new album we usually spend the afternoon looking through our boxes of pictures that I have printed over the years. Her favorites are always ones of herself (obviously), ones of her with the family, or even ones of when my husband and I were dating. It never gets old and serves as a constant reminder of just how important physical prints are. Which leads me to my main reason for this post. I want to ask you……

When is the last time you actually printed your photos? How often do you print? Have your children and/or grandchildren ever held or felt a stack of photos like you used to when you were a kid?

For most people this answer is unfortunately “No.”

It has been said that the ‘most photographed generation will have no pictures in 10 years’ because no one takes the time to print anymore. I say it’s time we change that!

As a Mother, Wife, and Photographer to me there is nothing more important than being able to physically hold a print, a photo, one that was so special to you that you took the time to capture that moment by either yourself or a professional.

If you need some guidance then I’d recommend sites like Nations Photo Lab or Artifact Uprising to order prints from.

So go out today and encourage someone TO PRINT their memories so they can cherish them forever. Print your photos so you can share your LIFE with future generations.

~ Alyissa

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